Opal trip datasets now available

New Opal trip datasets for train, bus, ferry and light rail have been made available on the Open Data Hub!

Explore and download the datasets in our Data Catalogue.

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jumps up and down in excitement


Suggestions… would love:

  • identical dataset for tap-offs (including a metric for “failure to tap-off”)
  • breakdown by bus stop

This is good.

However, it would be great to have a dataset at a more granular level. Perhaps transactional data at a customer level for each month for the last 6 months along with the journey start datetime+location and journey end datetime+location, and of course, the fields in current dataset as well.

If there are any plans to do this then do let us know.


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hey guys, we’re glad you are so enthusiastic about the data! Keep the feedback coming.

I just wanted to quickly respond to a couple of points to set some expectations.

Anything very granular becomes difficult for us to provide as we need to ensure the safety and privacy of our customers. e.g. bus stop level data or customer level data.

Do let us know what the usage of the data is so we can help prioritise any data we’re ‘unlocking’ and possibly present the data in ways which may help your use cases without compromising the safety or privacy of our customers.

Understood @yvonne.lee

From a journey planning perspective, it would be useful to display to a customer what times a particular station is usually most busy. That way, they can plan their journey to use the station at a less busy time if they aren’t in a hurry.

re bus stop data, I can see how bus stop data can be a privacy concern. I’m basically looking for a lower level of detail than contract zones which would allow us to provide customers with an idea of how busy an area is at a certain point in time. Perhaps data can be given at a BTS TZs level?

From a demography analysis perspective, it would be great if the Opal data can be used to produce something similar to the JTW statistics, Table 11.

Obviously, there are privacy risks if the data is released at customer level even if it’s anonymised… but perhaps, a statistical sample of Origin and Destination TZ pairs for Opal journeys can be produced?

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For a study that we’re doing at UNSW station by date by hour summary data would be very useful. This still affords full privacy but enables a much broader set of analysis


Hi , what is the definition of “Free Trip” in the data set. There is data value called Free trip. Is it safe to assume it is the free trips after $50 cap is reached for a customer.Apologies if this is a irrelevant question.

Hi @nitt. “Free Trip” you see in the dataset is related to a card type called “Free Opal Card”. You can view more information on this Opal card here:

Thank you Eneida. That makes it clear. Have a good day.

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