24hrs of Opal Ins and Outs


Here’s a quick video of 24hrs of Opal Data from the new release.

It’s inspired by a similar video by Oliver O’Brien for Oyster Card Data, but I haven’t gotten around to making a stylized base map.

Feedback and comments welcome.

If there’s enough interest I’ll try post up a tutorial on how it was made at some point.


Great work @rafid.morshedi
I’m sure a tutorial would be well received.


Hi rafid.morshedi,
The video you posted looks awesome!
I am studying bus running issues and want to get data like the time and location for passenger tap on and off, so that I can get the origin and destination of a passenger then the number of boarding and alighting at each stops for buses at specific time or duration can be found.
Could I please inquire that where you get the data for your great video?

Thank you very much


I used the Opal Tap On Tap Off data however, the bus data is aggregated so I’m not sure that you would be able to split it up by stop - not accurately anyway. The data doesn’t include origin-destination information, which is probably essential for your project.

You could make some assumptions about distributions of passengers at different stops based on service frequency, and then split origin and destination based on JTW data. This would probably be very inaccurate.

My suggestion: ask Transport for more detailed Opal data.


Hi Rafid

You are right in your details. Unfortunately we cannot release more detailed Opal Data via the Open Data program due to privacy reasons.

The Journey to Work data may be best at this stage.



Hi rafid.morshedi,
Thank you so much for the replying and suggestion.
Many thanks


Hi Yvonne,
Privacy protect is one of most important thing! Thank you so much!


Thanks Yvonne.

I greatly appreciate the efforts of the Open Data team in getting this data online, don’t imagine it was easy.


Code can be found here if anyone would like to play with it.