Tap On/Off by Bus stops


I would really appreciate if I could get my hands on number of daily Tap On/Off for each Bus stops in Sydney, mainly the Canterbury Bankstown area for Bus stop/ footpath usage analysis.

(For a week day without school/public holidays or longer)

Or even tap on/ tap off instances with time stamp and latitude longitude information.



Hi @OniMas, we don’t have real time / current figures of this but we do have historical data in our data catalogue that will give you a good indication. Have a look at the following datasets:


For buses it will give you a date, time, location (postcode), tap on or off and a figure. Data is split into 15 mins interval.

Hope this helps with what you’re working on.



Hi Alejandro,

Thanks for getting back to me. While it was helpful in a way, that’s not exactly what I was looking for.

The linked data only provides tap on/off by area and not by bus stop location. Historical data would be fine too if it provided bus stop specific tap count.

I hope it is not too much to ask.




Hi @OniMas, unfortunately due to security and privacy reasons that’s as detailed as Opal data gets. Understand that it might not be very helpful but hopefully you can still deduce some insights for what you’re trying to achieve.