Monthly Opal Tap On Off - BLine E70 and E71 Bus Routes


I am doing an analysis on specific bus services in the northern beaches of Sydney and would like to find out if I can get monthly Opal Tap on and Tap Off counts by stops for these services - BLine, E70 and E71.
Thank you


Hi @AndrewLee, unfortunately we don’t have that kind of data available, at least not at the level of detail you require.

We have two tap-on/tap-off datasets available that are historical datasets for certain periods:

However, these still wouldn’t give you the exact bus routes since for buses it gives you a postcode as the location. Another way you could get approximate figures, if you’re able to store and process data, would be to look at the real-time bus occupancy indicator for those bus routes and store that information over a certain period.

If this is for an academic research project you can try requesting for the exact data directly to Transport Performance and Analytics using this form -



Thanks Alex for your response.
Can you let me know where and how I can find the real time bus occupancy indicator data?



Hi @AndrewLee, you can find bus occupancy in the Trip Planner API and the Vehicle Positions API. The trip planner will give you occupancy based on a stop at a point in time. This Vehicle Positions API will give you the occupancy value for each vehicle in real-time.

Please make sure to read the documentation available to understand how it works. The value is not exact but you could get an approximate value if you know the capacity of the vehicle.

If you need further assistance just let me know.