Individual Bus Utilisation Percentages


I was hoping to see the bus utilisation percentages for individual bus routes e.g. for the L94. I guess something similar to occupancy_status from a Vehicle Position Updates Message ( but more precise e.g. as a percentage or number of opal card taps. Is there an API for this?


Hi @si2, welcome to our forum!

Unfortunately due to privacy and security reasons we don’t have more detailed opal data such as tap-ons per route or trip. However, there are a few datasets that might help with what you’re working on. Have a look at the following:

Also, the occupancy status level corresponds to a certain percentage, which might help you calculate the utilisation. As per the documentation:

  • MANY_SEATS_AVAILABLE = 50% or less of the seating capacity of the bus
  • FEW_SEATS_AVAILABLE = 100% or less of the seating capacity of the bus
  • STANDING_ROOM_ONLY = count is higher than the seating capacity of the bus


Hi Alex,

Thanks for the response, I’ll definitely look into it!

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