Opal Trips - Train

This dataset contains Official Train Utilisation figures. Opal tap-on/tap-off data (representing an individual entering & exiting a station), is allocated to a line and aggregated to a monthly figure for the estimated number of trips.

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The data here looks a bit old, could we get some recent data?

Also it’d be quite nice if there was some more granular details (what station was entered)

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Hi @ehmish, I’m chasing this up with Transport Performance and Analytics, hopefully they have a more up to date dataset. As for granularity, you might want to look at the Opal tap-on/tap-off dataset, which shows you figures for each station.

Hi @ehmish, I found out that unfortunately the more recent data for trains is still going through our approval process so can’t be published at this stage. We hope to get the data out soon, keep an eye out for it.



I was just wondering when a new (more updated) data release will be made available?

In particular, I was interested in Opal tap-on/tap-off data, which shows you figures for each station.


Hi @mc8616, unfortunately we don’t have new tap-on/tap-off data in the pipeline, hopefully we’ll get some more published later in the year. However, the ‘Opal-Trips’ datasets that give you high level figures are updated on a monthly basis.


Is this information available on a per station basis?

The data tends to make the smaller lines (e.g. Carlingford) look like they are used more than they actually are.

For example - there is a large jump in Nov’17 for “employees” using the T5. This coincides with the opening of the Clyde Hub. I don’t think these extra people were using the Carlingford Line - they were entering and leaving Clyde station and all but a fraction would have actually used the T5.

If you could peel away the Clyde data from the T5 data then you would get a true reflection of T5 usage.

Hi @Llewellyn, unfortunately we don’t have updated data on a per station basis. However, you can use our Opal Tap-On/Tap-Off datasets to look at similar data on a per station basis. These datasets are historical snapshots from various two-week periods that should give you an idea of usage. Have a look at:


Hi, I am curious to know how did the customers travelled on several T-lines been counted in the dataset? For example, one person tap-on in Rhodes and tap-off in North Sydney, in this case, do both T9 and T1 get one count? Thanks