Daily Train Patronage - by station and timeslot

Hi there,

Our team are currently working on a project to visualise trends in historical daily train patronage, based on per-station and different specific timeframes during the day. The end result of what I’m looking for is something similar to this: Insight from our data - Simple analysis using the open Opal data where we can visualise how many people busy a station is at a particular time, at a specific date (based on some metric like Opal taps or something else if available)

I was wondering if it was possible to find out which datasets were used to create the above example as it says the above example was created using data available from the Transport Open Data Hub. I am looking to be able to visualise a dataset similar to the example provided but over a longer period of time, say 6 months - 1 year.

Alternatively, if the above is no longer possible, another alternative for our project is to instead show the patronage on specific trains at specific times. I have looked the datasets available and found “Train Occupancy - Nov 2016 to Feb 2017” but our project will need a dataset that’s more recent and spanning a longer timeframe (6 months to 1 year).

Would there be a way our team could build our dataset? I have had a look at the APIs available but can’t find any reference to the Waratah occupancy from using the Trip Planner API in the documentation? Which API endpoint should I use? Is there a way I can return the previous historical Waratah occupancy data by using the Trip Planner API to build out our own dataset?

Thanks for the assistance.

You’re probably after the Opal Tap on and Tap off data:

Look for the files called Opal Tap on and Tap Off Time with Location which are binned to 15 minute intervals.

I have an example implementation of pulling occupancy data from the Trip Planner API that may help :slight_smile:

Thanks for the advice @jxeeno .

For the daily train patronage, based on per station and different specific timeframes datasets, I’m looking for datasets that are more recent or spanning a longer timeframe. Do you know if the Opal Tap-on or Tap-off release are the most recent ones available?

In regards to pulling occupancy data, I assume I can just get historical data back by specifying the time and train, correct? Do you know how new the Trip Planner API is and what is the oldest date for data I can return occupancy date for in the past? That way I can gauge how big/specific I can make my dataset.

Thanks for the help once again.

I can address your second question…

Unfortunately not. The Trip Planner API only returns occupancy and occupancy predictions for current trips. You’ll have to record and store the data yourself in “realtime” if you want a complete dataset.