Opal Tap On and Tap Off


This dataset provides counts of tap ons and tap offs made on the Opal ticketing system during two non-consecutive weeks in 2016. The Opal tap on and tap off dataset contains six CSV files covering two weeks (14 days) of Opal data across the four public transport modes.

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Could we get a bit more up-to-date version of this data? or even better, some kind of continuous stream?


Hi @ehmish, unfortunately we can’t. We only offer snapshots of tap-on/tap-off data so you can get an indication of the figures. We’re very serious about privacy and security so all Opal data goes through a rigorous approval process and then the data is de-identified and anonimized. Therefore, at the moment that’s all we have and there’s no way we can provide a live or continuous feed. You can read more about the process here - Journeys for specific opal card number



Surely if the anonymisation process is automated it can be streamed, i.e by adding some random jitter onto each tap-on, also I appear to have no access to that “Journeys for specific opal card number” link