Opal Tap On and Tap Off dataset now available!


An Opal Tap On and Tap Off dataset is now available for download via the Data Catalogue.

The dataset contains time and location data for two weeks in 2016 across the four public transport modes.

The dataset contains no personal information and is protected against all known classes of attacks, including re-identification of individuals. While protecting privacy, the Opal dataset is representative of trips in the original Opal data.

If you need help or want to read more about the Opal dataset see:

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Hey guys, is the bus postcode derived from the first 4 digits of the STN? Or some other postcode reference?


Hi @jxeeno, correct, it’s derived from the first four digits from the TS_NUM column (TSN). For the other modes of transport the stop names are used instead of postcode.


Hi alejandro.felman,
May I please ask what do you mean by TS_NUM column (TSN)? is it transit stop number?
Thank you so much


Hi @Dong, yes I’m referring to the transit stop number.



Hi Alex,
Thank you for the reply.
Could I also inquire that is it the same as stop id or stop code?


Hi @Dong, TSN is the same as stop_id.

Encourage you to read the buses technical document - https://opendata.transport.nsw.gov.au/sites/default/files/TfNSW_GTFS_Realtime_Buses_Technical_Doc.pdf



Hi Alex,
Thanks for the attachment.
I am trying to connect the opal tap on and off information with the stop names and bus arrival time, thus wondering if there is a relationship with timetable file:)
Many thanks!


Hi Alejandro

Can you comment if Default Fares count towards the -1 location taps?

In the August dataset I’m seeing 353,561 tap-offs at location -1 vs 46,780 tap-ons.



The documentation talks to this - for location it means that it is unknown

You can find the documentation as one of the resources for https://opendata.transport.nsw.gov.au/dataset/opal-tap-on-and-tap-off


Thankyou Yvonne.

Does this mean that default fares where people haven’t tapped off are not included in this data?