What data do you want?


Do you have a request for a particular data set you think we have? Let us know through this topic as we are currently prioritising the data sets. It will help us prioritise if we knew how the data would benefit customers or us or you!


I want a the Bus Registration (licence plate) details to be included in the real-time data. Or I would like access to a dataset of this data linking to the existing ID numbers.

Does such exist?


When accessing /v1/gtfs/schedule/buses I get the following: “Gtfs bundle for type schedule is not available for agency buses”

Is this intentional? I can’t tell which buses in the realtime data belong to which trips and routes, e.g. linking GTFS trips of type “7.Z1.1-621-sj2-1.7.H” with realtime trips of type trip_id: “114122”.


I would like real time bus loading data. It would be colour coded as follows:

  • Green : Seats Available
  • Yellow: Standing Available,
  • Red: Limited Standing Available


Hi - we’re looking into this. There were some changes to how we publish bus real time in the last week… and now we are checking on how to access it via the API Gateway. Sorry… will be back soon with how to get to it.


I vote for adding Greyhound bus and Great Southern Railways. To cover the regional and long-distance ( interstate) transport better.

Further it would be great if the data feed includes a fare zone for the stops ( for those stops that have a section assigned ) so trip planners can calculate fares or even better take the price into account when searching alternatives.


Opal card usage data for trips and journeys

This will allow analysis of general transport patterns

Info including:
start point
end point
card type
time of day
day of week
mode of transport


We’re working on this one… stay tuned!


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I’m looking forward to hearing back on this update. Getting the current data and system working & polished is more important (to me at least) than adding anything new.


@michaelamos Good news! In the buses realtime (vehicle positions) we now publish data for unknown, FEW_SEATS_AVAILABLE and STANDING_ROOM_ONLY under occupancy_status

@mark since you expressed interest in getting an update


I would also like the same data for Light Rail, Ferries and Trains (showing which carriages have seats available, standing only, and empty).


Hi @michaelamos this is more unlikely to be available as we just don’t have the means to collect that information by carriage or ferry or the light rail at this stage. There is current thinking about trying to provide train carriage occupancy status for some train sets (which have the ability to report this data on a coarse level).


Would be cool if we could get track diagrams like these ones from the UK: http://www.opentraintimes.com/maps :slight_smile:


Noted but just curious what you would use it for…


Train geeks generally like that kind of stuff :wink:


Request for Standard Working Timetables, Special Train
Notices, Train Locator System

A large range of (mostly) PDF documents on rail operations
have been or are available on TfNSW, Railcorp, Sydney Trains, RailSafe and
related sites. These include various timetable documents such as Standard
Working Timetables, (SWTTs) and Special Train Notices (STNs). Mostly, these
allow access only to registered users, although the STN site was formerly Open
Access (but dark). In other jurisdictions (V/Line, ARTC, Network Rail [UK],
London Underground), these data have all become Open Access.

Such documents are of great value in transport logistical
analysis and of timetabling methods,which is increasingly a hot topic in the
Operational Research literature.

Will the TfNSW Open Data Policy allow access to these files
to registered users? According to a TfNSW rep. whom I consulted, they will be- but
I have been unable to find them.

On a related matter, can the Train Location System (TLS) app (or a web version) be
made available? This would allow better performance analysis by interested parties such as austta

Geoff Lambert



Track digrams as static data use less data than maps. Further, you can segregate the data into sections - which would be better for any number of use-cases. For example, @jxeeno’s website starts over Central; I’m travelling from Richmond and using my phone, I have to scroll across (with all the data there) and risk browser crashes.


The last few posts, including mine, could be answered by making the Train Locator System available. That is a moving map of the complete track diagram, showing location of each run, color-coded for lateness class
From my observations of staff using it, it scrolls very quick-smart. This is the system seen on the mobile work-stations at major stations these days.


I’m not suggesting releasing the entire TLS. That would be a security risk. However, allowing the use of the track diagrams that can be found within TLS would be useful, then you can use the GTFS feed to create your own, sort of thing. We’re all developers here.

Mmm, that’s why I’m suggesting my method :slight_smile: