Next release of Opal tap on and top off data

The latest tap on and top off Opal data by time and location is from August 2016. When will more up to date data be released?

Hi @RobinSandell, there is also Opal release 2 - Opal Tap On and Tap Off Release 2 | TfNSW Open Data Hub and Developer Portal, which has Opal data from Nov and Dec 2016. Just making sure you’ve had a look at that as well.

We’re always working on getting more data published on our website. Due to privacy and security reasons, Opal data goes through a more thorough approval process before it can be published. The raw Opal data is also anonymised by an algorithm for de-identification purposes. All of these factors means it takes longer to get that data out there.

We should have another release in the near future but don’t have an exact date at this stage.


Thanks Alex. I overlooked release 2.

I appreciate that there are privacy restrictions, however it is disappointing that, despite the potential power of the Opal data, the information available on ferry patronage is now actually more limited than what was previously made available by the BTS which used to publish the six monthly ferry census counts. Collectively, that provided powerful information on trends in demand for individual services by time of day and wharf.

The privacy restrictions and format of the Opal tap and tap off releases mean that demand at individual wharves by time of day is no longer available.

Robin Sandell