How do you request Opal data?

How do you make a request for Opal data, or NSW transport data?

Hi @anjs04, you can request for data in this thread. What were you after?

I’m looking for Opal data in the Sydney Greater Metropolitan area by trip id, specifically, counts of each trip summed over the year, beginning from any date. For anonymity, it could exclude counts under 5.

Let me know if this is too big of a request, and if so, I can work on simplifying it. I would like to animate the use of transport in the Sydney GMA.

Hi @anjs04, if I understand correctly you’re looking for Opal data based on trips, ie. customer going from location A to location B. If that’s the case then yes the request is far too big considering how many trips would be carried out in Sydney each day. Furthermore, due to security and privacy reasons the Opal datasets are modified by an algorithm to ensure anonymity and protect our customers. You can read more about this in the Opal data user guide User account | TfNSW Open Data Hub and Developer Portal

I think you should be able to achieve what you’re trying to do by simply using the tap on tap off dataset and possibly some of the GTFS files. Here are some examples of similar visualisations that have been done in the past:

You can also try making a special request to TPA, Data and research | Transport for NSW, but it would heavily depend on what exactly you’re using the data for.

Let me know if you have any further questions.