OPAL Event Data or Vehicle Data


I am interested in obtaining either OPAL Event data or Vehicle Event Data. I do not mean summary data

By Opal Event Data - tap on & tap off data for all stops for all users on a particular journey.

By Vehicle Data I mean all data, say BUS Route 440, for particular day, including arrival & departure times from each stop.

This will create an event log and from this a process map of the route can be created


Hi @GDVarv, unfortunately we can’t provide that level of detail in Opal data due to privacy and security reasons. Have a look at this forum thread for more information - Journeys for specific opal card number

Let me know if you have any further questions.



Hi Alex,

I understand completely.

However would Transport for NSW be interested in exploring the

capability provided by process mining?

I am an independent process consultant.

Process Mining allows the reverse engineering of event logs to

produce Process Diagrams.

Each bus, rail or ferry trip would be a process instance and using

even a few hundred of these can create a Process diagram that shows
the trip made with bottlenecks and other performance data.

Do the buses provide data describing when they enter and leave bus





Hi Alex,

I think I have found what I wanted in the GTFS data.

However I have a couple of questions.    Service Id Trip Id  

1476.110.120 308B.1476.110.120.T.8.48682894 1476.110.120

This is the format for Service ID & Trip ID. 

On Page 5 of the Technical documentation (September 2016) it

describes the Service Id in three parts

1 is the run number

2 is the day of the week

3 is the week of the year

On Page 8 it describes the Trip Id in three parts which clearly it is


Can you clarify please?




Hi @GDVarv, I think you’re getting Sydney and NSW Trains mixed up, they each have their own feeds and formats. You can find the technical documentation for both in our documentations page - https://opendata.transport.nsw.gov.au/documentation

The service/trip ID you provided as an example is a Sydney Trains service but the technical document you’re referencing is the NSW Trains documentation, which is where the trip ID is split in three parts.



Thanks Alejandro,

I have worked out most things now about the fixed data.

My big challenge is how to use the api to access the live feeds!