Where are the latest Sydney trains tables?


I’m parsing the data from the binary I get from the “Public Transport - Timetables - For Realtime” feed and they don’t seem to reflect the recent closure of the Epping train line… Am I using the right source ?


Hi @kob2040, it depends what you’re trying to achieve. The “For Realtime” dataset gives you timetables, stop locations, and route shape information for agencies that support real-time data. If you just want static timetables and route information then have a look at the Complete GTFS dataset. You will need to combine the two to get a full picture of everything.

Station Link buses should be in all our APIs. Eg. in the “For Realtime” dataset have a look at /buses/ECR109 endpoint.

If you still can’t find it please give me more details and I’ll investigate further.