Public Transport - Timetables - For Realtime

Static timetables, stop locations, and route shape information in GTFS format for operators that support realtime.

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How often is this GTFS updated?

Hi @AnetteTuef, scheduled timetabled data (GTFS) is updated at different times depending on the transport mode, all overnight. Have a look at our Troubleshooting page for more information.


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I’ve been comparing this feed(s) and the data in the complete feed ( and I’ve noticed a few data issues, and in general the data quality for the realtime feeds is lower. Some examples of the things I have found:

  1. Some trips aren’t linked to the correct shape for the trip e.g. ferries trip RV1737-36-1.250921.32.1838
  2. Shapes differ slightly between the complete feed and the realtime support feeds e.g. compare shape 2-T3-sj2-7.30.H in the complete feed to BNK_1a the realtime feed
  3. Some stoptimes don’t contain shape_dist_traveled e.g. sydneytrains stoptimes.txt

This is just a few examples but there are some other data issues as well that affect route planning tools such as Open Trip Planner. Is there any difference in the ways these are generated the would attribute to the differences?

Thanks for the feedback, I will pass this on to the feed producers.
For context, the Complete GTFS bundle is exported from DIVA. All of the realtime GTFS bundles are produced by the individual mode operators from a variety of systems. The realtime bundles are imported into DIVA, but shapes are georeferenced to OSM within DIVA. This will account for some of the differences you may see.

The shape for Ferry trip RV1737 has now been fixed by the operator and is appearing correctly.

The “bikes_allowed” field isn’t populated in the NSW Trains dataset, and it isn’t present at all in the Sydney Trains dataset. Can this be added to bring the heavy rail feeds up to par with the Ferries, Light Rail and Metro feeds?

Hi @tucuxi, thanks for your query. We’ll pass it on to NSW Trains and Sydney Trains.