Feedback requested for enhancements to Complete GTFS


Several changes to the complete GTFS bundle are being proposed, outlined in the description of the sample data here.

We are seeking feedback by 25/3/2019, particularly on the implementation of the “exact_times” field in routes.txt, which is not exactly to GTF spec.

In a major enhancement, real-time GTFS trip IDs will now be aligned across all GTFS bundles, with the exception of Sydney Ferries, please check it out :slight_smile:

Timetables Complete GTFS

what does “run to headway” mean?


Eg a service that operates every 10 minutes and tries to maintain that frequency even when some services get delayed


so, if one service is delayed by 5 minutes, and a later service is delayed by another 5 minutes, then there’s effectively one less service that day?


Potentially yes