Real time table data and update


Hi, We are trying to integrate our app with real time table data for Sydney Trains. We plan to use following API to get the daily real time table data (Public Transport - Timetables - For Realtime (

  1. Can you please clarify whether this above API provides complete timetable data (trips) for a specified day. At what time we can call this API to get the complete time table daily? Can you please let me know whether this API provides data from 00:00 AM to 11:59 PM daily?
  2. Can we call the following API (Public Transport - Realtime Trip Updates API ( to get the early arrival, delay time, stopping changes, platform changes? If so, at what interval do we need to call this API to get the updated details(for example: 10s seconds interval)?


Hi @saravanan, that API provides the static timetable + route shapes. You might need to combine a few APIs/datasets to achieve what you’re trying to do. Have a look at the complete GTFS file too and yes the Trip Updates API will give you stopping patterns and real-time data. I strongly recommend you read all the technical documentation and the Google GTFS spec, which can be found on our documentation page. The documents outline the structure of each API / feed and what data they each contain.

If you have any more specific questions regarding development hopefully another developer can help you out.