Station Link data now available

Data for the Epping to Chatswood upgrade from 30 September is now available and live in the trip planner.
Attached is the Sydney Trains GTFS bundle from September 30 with the relevant train adjustments reflected. This will be live in the production bundle in a week or so.
Also attached is the GTFS bundle for Station Link buses that will be available soon via the new API at

For more information on the service adjustments go here (78.5 KB) (2.7 MB)

Update: We are expecting Station Link data to be published to on 25 September.

The current Sydney Trains GTFS cut-off date of 29 September will be disabled on the morning of 30th September 2018 (29th Night, 30th Morning). Once disabled, the Sydney Trains GTFS will publish 30 days timetable from 30th September 2018 onwards.
An updated Sydney Trains bundle for timetables post 30 September can be downloaded here. For now you’ll need to use both the production bundle and this to get a complete look ahead.

Station Link GTFS data is now in production at
The all operator bundle does not yet contain Station Link, we’ll advise here when it’s available. with Station Link data is now live at