Getting Timetable data of a bus stop

I am newbie on this service, so please forgive my stupid question.

My purpose is very simple.

I just need a product like this: Sydney Trains New Single Portrait Passenger Information Display Screen - YouTube

To develop this product, I need to get timetable data from this service and have been trying to get data by following user’s guide(, but unfortunately failed to get any data.

I just want to get time table data of a bus stop.

The data should be like this:

I want to get data of route 389.

Please help me and I would be very appreciated for any help.



Hi @yuri_borys, in short, you will have to download the datasets/bundles you require and the get your program to organise and display the data however you want it. You should get started by looking at the following pages:

For example, to get data for route 389, you will have to get the route then match it up to a trip, which then matches up to certain stops, frequency, etc. You will then have to work it all out and make your app display it however you want it.

Hope this helps, let me know if you have more specific questions we can help you with.

@david.phillips please correct me if I’m wrong or feel free to add further info


@alejandro.felman That’s a good start. The only thing I’d add is that if you’re only looking for route 389, the endpoint for timetable info would be SMBSC009 (Sydney Metro Bus Service Contract 9, for STA eastern suburbs) eg