Getting routes between two stations from Timetables - For Realtime

Hello Everyone,
Any idea, how to get routes and platform no between two stations from this data?
Public Transport - Timetables - For Realtime
This returns, zip file with stops, stop_times, routes and so on. I couldn’t figure it out.

For example, If I want to go from Allawah Station to Albion Park Station, How to extract route from data above or do I have to use trip planner API?

Thanks in advance.

If the two stations are on the same line then you can get that from the link you gave:

  • stops.txt tells you the stop id/stop code
  • stop_times.txt tells you which trip goes to those stops at what times. you want a trip that includes both stops

if you need to transfer, then it’s probably easier you use the trip planner api, or any 3rd-party api that does routing.

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