What data do you want?


I’m looking for Bus Stop Locations (X, Y Cordinates) data of NSW in .csv or .txt format. Can anyone assist me in finding this data? I tried a lot but couldn’t find it. Please need your help.


@priyanka1986 You can download the GTFS timetables from https://opendata.transport.nsw.gov.au/dataset/timetables-complete-gtfs which contains stops.txt and then follow the references to extract only stops https://developers.google.com/transit/gtfs/reference/.

I guess this is only from a timetabling perspective, not sure if it’s a complete list or only covers what’s serviced in the weekly timetable gtfs?


I am looking to acquire Speed Limit/ Speed Zone data across NSW - preferably delivered via an API. I notice the Speed Adviser App provides great coverage of speed zone information across the NSW road network.


Thanks Ben.
I believe our team have been in touch to discuss also.

It’s something that has been on the radar (no pun intended!) and we’ll follow this one up internally.


I would be very interested in numbers / aggregations on Journey Planning.

This could give insight in passenger flows and in a later stage towards prediction / trends combined with the loading data.

Is the journey planner API configured in such a way that journey plans from apps using it are stored in the back-end?



Hi @peternijhuis, if you’re referring to looking at passenger movements through the network, eg. person travelling from point A to point B or number of trips between two points, then unfortunately that data isn’t available due to security and privacy reasons. If you mean something else please let me know. The closest dataset we have to that at the moment is our Tap On Tap Off data that shows you figures for each station and location but not individual trips.

@stephanie.manning might have more to say about this.



Hi @yvonne.lee,

In reference to your reply to @ben.macloud on Sept 7th regarding Road Speed Limit data, I’m looking for the same dataset but would like this ideally in a Shape file format .shp…is this dataset currently available?


Hi @adam.ricketts – thanks these types of requests help us dig for more data for release.

I’ll find out! The data is likely to be available as an API when we do release it so although it may not be in actual shape files it is expected it will be in a format that can be easily converted to such.



Great thanks, @yvonne.lee. I look forward to hearing an update on the expected release of this dataset.




Hi @yvonne.lee, another one for you…do you have an available dataset for NSW toll roads? Again, ideally, a Shape file that we would be able to use as a map overlay in our platform.



STATION USAGE DATA, parallel to that provided in ‘Train Statistics 2014 Everything you need to know about Sydney Trains and NSW TrainLink’ at

type publications in earlier years, pre Opal.

I will try the link to Bureau of Transport Statistics in the meantime. They might have something on station usage based on Opal data by now.



Yes we are working on a toll API which should be released ‘soon’!


I am wondering that if we could have the bus timetable for last year or the timetable before the current new timetable shown on the website?
Many many thanks


Hi @Dong - do you have a particular period in mind? And particular bus routes? We will see what we can do.


@Dong You might also find the data archive from TransitFeeds useful. They have archived copies of the “Timetables Complete GTFS” dataset here but only up till 13 June 2017.


Hi @alejandro.felman,

Bit of a late response on this, however I think is still very valuable data.

Most of the apps Sydney area use TfNSW data feeds to populate the realtime location of buses. One of the great examples is jxeeno’s realtime map.

I also assume that all these apps use the trip-planner API from TfNSW to plan the journeys in the app. I would be surprised if they would have built their own journey planning as that takes some intensive resourcing to build.

My interest would be the API calls towards the trip-planner API. This would contain request of a prospective journey from A to B for a specific time. The question is of course if these calls are being stored, but in my opinion it’s valuable data.

Of course the requests can be collected without any identifying characteristics to prevent security and privacy issues.

So would this data be stored? And would this be something to share?



Hi @peternijhuis, this is something that is definitely possible and we’re working on. If it’s something you need urgently for a project of yours please let me know and we’ll see what we can do (eg. specific time periods or locations). From a general point of view, it’s in our long list of things that we’re working to get done.



@alejandro.felman that’s very good news !

I have several uses (or hypothesis) with this data, it something I’ve worked with before and there are some interesting applications. Currently not needed for a specific project, but keen to get my hands on when it comes available.

Is it already at a stage were you know what data points will be available? Granularity of which it will be made availabe and which fields (origin, destination, time of request, mobile/pc, app origin etc)



Hi jxeeno,
Thanks for the replying.
But what I need is the scheduled timetable, as shown in the pdf file posted on the website of trabsportnsw. While the data from TransitFeeds seems to be the real arriving/departure time because I have checked with the help of some software n there are lots of bus bunching which cannot be a scheduled or planned but I am not sure.

Many many thanks:slight_smile:


Hi yvonne,
I really need the timetable for bus number 461, 288, 373 and 394 for the period of time between Oct and Nov 25 ( before the new timetable updated on 26 Nov). Would this be possible?

I try to find out that if the timetable or the initial departure time changing may influence the reliability of the bus system. By comparing some of the timetables I downloaded before, there is no change at all instead of the typography of the timetable, so I suppose that I need the above four route number’s timetable for a further study…

Many many thanks in advance