Type approval process for roads and ferries

I would like to know how you approve products for use on roads and ferries?

If I have a new innovative product for use on roads or ferries, how do I get it approved for use?

Wheres the procedure?
Is it a different procedure for civil, electronic and IT products?
please send me your process for each type of roads and ferries disciplines

thanks and regards

Hi Alistair,

Our Transport for NSW endorsed apps have come through innovation challenges we have held which involve several stages. You can read more about it on our Open Data Hub Transport for NSW Innovation Challenges | TfNSW Open Data Hub and Developer Portal.

However, without having to wait for a suitable innovation challenge to enter, try booking time with the Future Transport Conceirge as they act as a funnels for ideas from entrepreneurs: https://future.transport.nsw.gov.au/technology/partner-us/transport-digital-accelerator/contact-us

Good luck!

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