Travel Choices Innovation Challenge has been launched!


Transport for NSW is looking to harness new ideas to solve the complex transport issues that face Sydney as our population continues to grow and as we experience unprecedented levels of development investment.

To explore new products and ideas that can influence customer travel behaviours, TfNSW’s Sydney Coordination Office (SCO), in conjunction with Future Transport, is launching the Travel Choices Innovation Challenge.

Travel Choices utilises the following principles to engage with customers and influence travel behaviour change:

  • Remode – Customer Message: Use public transport as driving may no longer be your best option
  • Retime – Customer Message: Avoid travel during the peak.
  • Reroute – Customer Message: Use preferred driving routes where possible.
  • Reduce – Customer Message: Minimise the number of times you have to travel, especially by car.

An information session will be held on Thursday 8th June at 6pm at the TfNSW offices at 680 George Street. Please register at Eventbrite by COB Tuesday 6 June if you would like to attend

For more information and to submit your idea please visit


Hi Guys, a couple of questions. Is there a way that we can message you privately?, we may have questions that are specific and sensitive. Also, can we use existing products for this challenge, either by itself or as the basis of a new product? Thanks!


Hi Kishendra

You can always message us privately through the forum. Just click on either my name or Alex’s as the key people and click on “Message”.

When you say “use existing products” you can submit your existing product into the challenge, yes. And if you are altering your own (or a product you have access to) - you can submit it would be changed to suit the challenge. Remember we do expect to be able to get the product/s into the hands of consumers within 3 months of the challenge pitch day (give or take a few days!) so it’s unlikely a ‘new’ product could be created in that time.

Hope that helps!

Yvonne (and the Team)


Hi Alex & Yvonne,

I know I asked this in last night’s info session, but I thought I’d repeat it here in case it gets forgotten.

Can you make available future timetables? Or if not, at least a dataset with indicative travel times in peak/off-peak?



Thanks @jayen – I almost forgot. We’ll see what is available and can be made available and advise here.


OK this is what we have. One of the pages of the documents has the indicative travel times and talks to the frequency.


And… :

Down the bottom of the page you will see a calculator and station info which could be good.

We’re trying to get the underlying data as well
FYI @stephanie.manning


Make sure to enter the challenge if you’re interested and haven’t done so yet. Entries close Friday 23 June.

Why get involved

Challenge winners will receive endorsement as the TfNSW Travel Choices preferred product. This means promotion of your product to the 644 CBD businesses already engaged with the Travel Choices program and the 169,200 customers that form part of the program’s audience. These numbers will continue to increase as the program grows. Further endorsement may include:

  • Incubation support to get your product live
  • Inclusion in media activities such as press releases, social media campaigns and promotion on, Open Data hub, Developer Portal, and Tomorrow’s Sydney Travel Choices webpages
  • Promoted to businesses and customers via Travel Choices collateral
  • Ongoing support and partnership with transport agencies


Hey @yvonne.lee, reckon we can get similar information for other upcoming infrastructure projects like B-Line and CSELR?

There’s good info on expected B-Line frequency for peak and off-peak on this PDF, but not much for indicative travel times.

I can find frequency info for CSELR in the 2014 modification report (see PDF page 39, marked as page 27), but I’m not sure if it’s current?

Plus, indicative travel times would be handy.


We will start digging :slight_smile: @jxeeno


Sorry @jxeeno we don’t have anything for the BLine re travel times. We checked and the data just does not exist at this stage.