The Carpooling Innovation Challenge is now open!

Can you create a digital product that is designed to increase the adoption of carpooling?

Transport for NSW (TfNSW) is launching the Carpooling Innovation Challenge. The challenge aims to seek and promote an intuitive, user-friendly app designed to increase the use of carpooling across Sydney and NSW. TfNSW is committed to promoting a range of sustainable transport options to residents, businesses and visitors of Sydney and regional NSW.

Carpooling services can be made available via a smartphone mobile application (app). This can be an integral component of a sustainable transport network and will play an increasingly important role as this industry further develops and expands its provision across Sydney and NSW. Carpooling meets TfNSW strategic objectives by supporting travel behaviour change.

To read more about the challenge and submit your application please click on the link below:

Looking forward to seeing your ideas!

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Hi. I noticed on the submission form that there was a place to post a link to a video. Does the pitch have to be in video format and if so, are there any guidelines for length etc…? Thanks!

Hi @MelanieHiggins, you don’t have to have a video in your application, it’s not mandatory. Only if you feel like it’s absolutely necessary or if it will enhance your submission. There aren’t any specific guidelines for a video but you should think about it like a pitch, so no longer than a few minutes.

Also, be aware that the application and the pitch day are separate. If you submit a video, it will be part of the application, not used as the pitch for pitch day. That’s done in person by the team if you get through to that stage.


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Hello Alejandro,

We have made a carpooling app by name ToGo Carpool ( only on Android) which has crossed 80,000 downloads so far across the globe and 4.7 rating on Google Play for around 1500 reviews . It is a location agnostic app which can work across the globe. We have developed an algorithm which groups users based on origin and destination and the UI is very similar to whatsapp. The summary is we created an app for carpooling similar to Whatsapp Group with a very simple UI.

However some of the features that you have mentioned as a part of the challenge is currently not there in the app, some of them are work in progress and the rest can be integrated eventually.

Would that impact our chance of participation in this innovation challenge.

Thank you very much for your time Alejandro


Hi @ToGoCarpool

Thanks for your interest in the challenge.

All applicants will be judged against the criteria listed on the Challenge. In your submission you can include an explanation of how you will meet the criteria if you are selected that would be taken into consideration. We will want to know the time it would take to integrate the features.

Good luck with your submission!

Kind regards

Hello Yvonne,

I’m not able to access your portal for uploading ToGo Carpool’s details.

I thought tomorrow i.e 10th is the last date for the same.

Please advise.

Thank you

Hi @ToGoCarpool, apologies about this. The pages will be back up shortly.


@ToGoCarpool the pages are now back up. You can now access the information and entry form.