Traffic counter data in Austroads format

Hello OpenData,

I was wondering if there was traffic counter data that disaggregated into the 12 Austroad vehicle categories. I understand that historically this data has been available.

Also, I was wondering if the motorway loop datasets were available, or if this data should be directly requested. I would like traffic counter data for on the Sydney Harbour Bridge for 2020-2023. I see the traffic count data is only available to end 2016, so I was hoping to use the motorway loop datasets.



HI @Justine_Firth ,

thanks for your patience!

We don’t currently have traffic count data that is split into the 12 Austroad vehicle categories. Traffic Volume Count data can be viewed as light or heavy vehicle only in the “classifers stations”.

We don’t have motorway loop datasets - you may need to request. Were you after the traffic counts of the motorways?

Hi @Marcie,

Thanks for getting back to me. I know in the past the traffic counter data ahs been split into the Austroad categories in the past. is this something I need to request direct from TfNSW or it is not longer counted in that way at all?

Regarding the motorways, I was specifically after traffic counts for the SHB for 2020-2023.


Hey @Justine_Firth,
I’ve checked in with the team and they’ve not encountered traffic counting by the 12 Austroad vehicle categories either.
There are toll point counters on the southbound lanes of the Sydney Harbour Bridge only, which count vehicle volumes. This data is not on Open Data Hub but if you put in a request we may be able to get it.


Hi @Marcie,

I definitely have traffic counter data for 2013 that is split by the Austroad classification. Perhaps the dataset that is provided to OpenData is already summed? It would be good to have confirmed if the data is no longer collected or if I may need to look into a special request.

I from the traffic counter data for 2022, I have completed an analysis for Sydney, covering 42 permanant stations that collect a full 12 months of data (i.e. removed stations with <12mo). There seems to be particularly low traffic volumes during October, and generally lower from Jun onwards. Is there an explanation for this?

I have also noticed in he 2022 dataset that the ratio of HDV on weekends to weekdays is much higher then when investigated in the past (2013). Is this something OpenData have observed as well?

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