NSW Roads Traffic Volume Counts API

RMS has permanent and temporary roadside collection devices which continuously collect traffic information data. Through the Traffic Volume Counts API, traffic count data from 2006 is available.

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Any updates on when this will be back on line? This is really important COVID19-related information!

Hi @jeremythorpe. Thank you for post. Updates to the data are currently not available and we are working to resolve this. Currently, there is no timeline of when this will be ready. We will keep you posted on this Forum when it becomes available.

We understand how important data is at this time. How will you use this data for COVID-19? Just wondering if there’s other data sets in our catalogue that could be helpful in the interim.

The RBA Governor in a recent speech used Chinese traffic data as an indicator of the economic slowdown and then pickup. Interesting that we can get Chinese data but cannot get Sydney data!

Hi @jeremythorpe. Our Traffic Volume Counts API is now up to date on our Open Data Hub: Explore API - Traffic Volume Counts API | TfNSW Open Data Hub and Developer Portal
We are having some teething issues with the data that we are currently looking into, but it should be a good start.

Hi @eneida.raya. I am trying to extract volume data for 2020 year to date but can only see records for month “2” (February) in the database. Is this consistent with the remaining teething issues mentioned above? Many thanks!

Hi @blaganie. We are investigating this and will get back to you shortly!

Hi @eneida.raya how often is this data updated? Ie. is data inputted daily, weekly or monthly?

Hi @sw12. It is updated monthly.

Hello, thanks for your work on this resource. I’m sure that many people are finding it invaluable at the moment.

I’m having trouble locating some values of station_key from the road_traffic_counts_hourly_permanent table in the road_traffic_counts_station_reference table. One example is 18479652 but I count a total of 46 such instances recorded on the day 2019-01-01.

Hi @nic.reb, could you send us the query you are using?

Just using the online API, this query gives results
select * from road_traffic_counts_hourly_permanent where year = 2019 and month = 1 and station_key = 18479652

But this does not
select * from road_traffic_counts_station_reference where station_key = 18479652


Do you have an expected date when the next tranche of data (October 2020) will be released?


Looks like it is up. Thanks!


I’m still getting familiar with the road traffic volume counts datasets and notice that there are some days with no counts even if the station is permanent. For example, when filter on station_key = 57108 and year >= 2019, I notice that 2019/01/23 to 2019/01/31 are all missing. Is there a specific reason for this?

In the road_traffic_counts_hourly_permanent table do null hourly count values represent 0, or missing data?
Example with null hourly counts: SELECT * FROM road_traffic_counts_hourly_permanent WHERE station_key = 57140 ORDER BY date DESC LIMIT 100

Hi team,

We have come across stations where the station key exists in the road_traffic_counts_hourly_permanent table but does not exist in the road_traffic_counts_station_reference table. Can you please look into this and provide an update? Example queries below:

SELECT * FROM road_traffic_counts_hourly_permanent where station_key = 18479661 and year = 2022

SELECT * FROM road_traffic_counts_station_reference where station_key = 18479661

Hi Team,

The traffic data has not been updated since August 2022 but we have come across an unofficial endpoint where it provides latest data (from December):

https://rms-uat.carto.com/api/v2/sql?q=SELECT * FROM ds_aadt_permanent_hourly_data

Is that endpoint maintained by Transport for NSW? We were not able to find the link and the table in the official documentation. This table already has December 2022 data while the official table (road_traffic_counts_hourly_permanent) latest data is from August 2022.

Can you please provide more information about this?

Best regards,

Hi All,

please be advised we have rectified two issues identified by @dataeg.

For station keys existing in hourly permanent table but NOT station reference table; the queries for the station reference table were set up originally to dismiss any stations that had any missing details.
The team will be seeking approval to modify these scripts.

For traffic data not updating; there were technical issues with the database but these have now been fixed. Data should be updated to Jan 2023.

Thanks for your patience all :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi Marcie, out of curiosity, has RMS stopped traffic counting on SHB, SHT and surrounding major roads?

Noticed SHB data hasn’t been updated since 2016.