Cyclist and Pedestrian Hourly Count (Directional) on Sydney Harbour Bridge

We are researching on path widths for an active mode bridge and are referencing Sydney Harbour Bridge for number of active mode users.

Can we get hourly cyclists and pedestrian count data for Sydney Harbour Bridge with directional split?
Much appreciated!


hi @dhanushlaxman

Thanks for requesting this. We’re looking at how to get the cycle count for the Sydney Harbour Bridge and get back to you.

Unfortunately we do not have pedestrian count data.

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Hi Yvonne,
Thank you for the prompt response.

With regards to the pedestrian counts, the ones which are available in the following link (for March and October every year):
Walking Counts
Would be really helpful if these pedestrian counts will be available in an hourly format?
Thank you,

Kind Regards,

Hi @dhanushlaxman

Thank you. The link you sent was data made available by City of Sydney. Unfortunately we are not the same agency and would not have access to that data (beyond linking to it). We will check with our contacts.

Kind regards

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