Historic Roads Travel Time Data (TTDS)


Data is collected in real-time from commercial vehicles and has been provided in this dataset for the following period:

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I am a Ph.D. student at Victoria University. For research purpose, I am grateful if I can access Historic Roads Travel Time Data (TTDS) data set. Thank you.


Hi @Ruwangi, you should be able to access this dataset. If you want to look at and download the files you will have to register an account and be logged in. Let me know if you have any more issues.


@alejandro.felman Thank you so much for the reply and I do have a login but inorder for me to access the data the system requires a "TfNSW Open Data Hub and Developer Portal username " and I am unable to create such account. If you can assist me to create such account will be a great help. Thanks


@alejandro.felman Thanks I got access to the data. Thank you


Does this TTDS dataset match the traffic volume data from RMS volume viewer on the corresponding dates?

I am trying to establish an empirical link performance function on a few road networks around Sydney Harbour Bridge which connects with the North Sydney area. My major source of traffic flow data comes from RMS, but I could only find the number of vehicles, not road occupancy, density or other related data.

I wonder if OpenData would have something to help me out, namely traffic flow/volume, matching travel time/speed and maybe road capacities on the Cahill Expressway, Sydney Harbour Bridge and Sydney Harbour Tunnel.

This is a part of my research project at university.


@LinjiChen I’ll take a stab at the first part while the Open Data team is away. As I understand it, the data in the RMS Volume Viewer is available via the NSW Roads Traffic Volume Counts API. TTDS data is only a sample of vehicle data, sourced from users of the TTDS service through apps like EasyDrop.


That’s correct, the TTDS dataset is a sample of historical data sourced from commercial vehicles. If you want to see real-time or more recent data you need to use the Roads API. Thanks, Alex