Bus trip data

I am completing my major university thesis through investigating the transport corridor along Victoria Road, Sydney in regards to the Bus network.

What I am seeking:

  • Real bus data at for arrival times at specific stops along Victoria Road for 12 specific bus routes that use Victoria Road, Sydney, Citybound during AM peak.

I understand that this is very specific but I am focusing my research on how to optimise the Victoria Road travel corridor during AM peak. Using this data I would then be able to determine the time its taking buses to travel between specific stops.

I have been able to determine this information using some of the data available on Open data but this is only for 3 weeks of data and I was hoping to get a larger sample size of data.

Hi @tdtreseder, just wanted to check, you are after historical actual arrival times, is that correct? Is there a particular time period you were after or do you just need a larger sample of data?


That is correct! Historical actual arrival times. No particular time period is necessary just a larger data set then what is currently available on Open Data. @alejandro.felman

Hi @tdtreseder, apologies about the delay, I’ll message you privately about this. Thanks