Trip length statistics per mode


Hey there, we’re looking for data about the distribution of trip lengths for each public transport mode. Would this type of data be available?

Say for buses, how many trips were 0-1km, 1-2km and so on.


Hi @Qantas94Heavy, sorry but can you clarify what you mean by “trips”?

Are you referring to what the average distance that people travel is? or do you want to know the lengths of routes for each mode? or something else?



To clarify, I’m looking for the distance that people travel.

For example, 20% of people on buses travel less than 2km.


Hi @Qantas94Heavy, thanks for the clarification.

Please have a look at the Journey To Work datasets to see if that gives you what you need -

If it’s still not exactly what you need for what you’re working on then please submit a more detailed request to Transport Performance and Analytics using this form -