Single intersection traffic count

Hi, Is it possible to get traffic count data for a single intersection?
I’m interested in the intersection / traffic lights of Grand Parade and Linden Street, Sutherland.
I’d like to understand the traffic count, direction etc over a 6 to 12 month duration (preferably) and to be able to discern weekday from weekend traffic.
Is that possible?
Thanks in advance.

Hi @aj_suthodata, welcome to our forum and apologies about the delay.

We’ve messaged you privately about this.


Hello Alex,
Thank you so much, this is great information. I can see the data includes 10 Detector IDs (one on each worksheet - thank you). However I’m unable to determine the placement of the detectors, so I can’t tell which direction of traffic each detector is counting.
Could you please share with me information that will help me understand which detector is which i.e. intersection layout / detector configuration??? (see image attached of the intersection.). How can I tell if Detector ID1,2,3…etc on your report corresponds to the traffic flow A or B or C or D…on the image attached. I’ve read through a few RMS traffic detector documents online but it’s still not clear. Any info would be helpful.


Hi @aj_suthodata,

You should see 11 worksheets as there are 11 detectors in this intersection. The latitude and longitude for each detector are provided in each worksheet so you should be able to map it out like the one which you had shared.


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