NSW Clearways

Shapefiles for known clearways, bus lanes and transit lanes within Sydney Region. The dataset may not be complete.

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This dataset has 24hr bus lanes on the Parra-Liverpool T-Way but not the northern T-Ways. It would be useful to PT developers if it distinguised all T-Ways as 24hr bus lanes.

Several labels in fields like BUS_LANE_H are the same but spelled/punctuated differently.

I’m seeing some issues where the lines are disconnected. Is it possible to get this cleaned up?

Is it possible to get the dataset cleaned? e.g.,

171_4_2 171_4_2 has no direction (probably should be N)

647_2_1 647_2_1 has direction E-W

190_1_1 has peak Undefined but 373_2_1 has peak 24 Hours

5_19_12 has transit_la Yes but 373_1_1 has transit_la 24 hours

165_8_1 has bus_lane_h Yes but 373_2_1 has bus_lane_h 24 hours

330_4_1 330_4_1 has bus_lane_h Westbound Only 24 Hrs/7 Days & PH but 330_4_1 is a tiny dot with direction W, and doesn’t 24/7 include PH?

164_4_1 164_4_1 has clearway_h TBA depending on road but what road does it depend on?

There’s 523 links with no link_id and 134 links without public_hol set to Y or N.

Found another issue. Not sure how widespread it is. Link ID 594_2_1 is labelled as Wattle St when it’s actually Abercrombie St.