Incomplete Datasets for State Transit Sydney and Transdev NSW


Nice to have broken down the buses file, which is over 100MB.

Too bad it can’t be avoided because the partial downloads for State Transit Sydney and Transdev NSW are corrupt. No single download completely describes these agencies.

Any chance of creating URLs to complete datasets for State Transit Sydney and Transdev NSW?



We haven’t had any errors for those files, can you please explain further how they are corrupted?

To get a complete dataset you will be need to combine the files. We can’t change anything unfortunately.


They are corrupt because agencies are distributed in multiple files.

The specification says, and applications expect, that datasets completely describe each agency listed in agency.txt. That is a basic tenet of the specification and a fundamental assumption of GTFS application design.

Please note there is no way to tell from a partial dataset whether routes have been added or deleted.

Also note, there is nothing in the specification that requires consuming applications to also perform their own merge function.

I am merely pointing out extreme unruliness and the merit of creating separate, complete downloads for these agencies.



We appreciate feedback about the data we provide, however do please keep in mind that most of the data we release is provided on a ‘as is’ basis and comes mostly from operational systems.

Unfortunately any changes we need to make to format the data needs to go upstream to different data sources. As you know there are multiple agencies and a fair amount of coordination if we are to make any changes.

Thanks. Do keep the feedback coming.