Network Maps


This dataset contains network maps for the NSW transport network.

These network maps will be effective from November 26 as part of the new More Trains More Services timetable.

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I was wondering if it is possible to get the network routes in shp, gdb, dwg or dxf format so it would of use of the GIS applications?


This dataset has been updated with Sydney Trains and Intercity Trains network maps reflecting the Epping to Chatswood Metro upgrade effective from 30 September 2018.


Having all the buses in Buses around the Eastern Suburbs as blue makes the map hard to decipher even for a transport professional who has used the eastern suburb buses for 20 years.

The map covers Coogee but doesn’t mention the Coogee buses. A tourist would rightly assume that only buses from Coogee where the 313, 314, and 353. That would colour their destination decisions.

The map also does not convey that the train goes to Town Hall, and Central.


Public Transport around Sydney Harbour does not show the walk from Tarronga to Balmoral.

The map wold be dramatically improved by more clearly showing (or mentioning) ‘key’ visitor bus lines connecting the beaches and ferry wharves. Such as the 135 from Manly to South Head. At the very least draw 333 to Bondi.