Compiled train network map


I’m learning how to build a train network map - and trying to plot train lines similar to Google Maps below. I can combine a bunch of routes together to grab a complete map of all Sydney Train routes, but was hoping to ask:
a) Does this already exist as a data release? I looked through the GTFS-download and I suspect it doesn’t in a raw form, but not sure if there’s another data source I should be looking at.
b) Any suggestions on an approach to achieve something like Google Maps? Especially with the lack of train line overlaps around more congested areas like Central Station… it just looks so clean.

Any help would be awesome - thank you!

If you’re after tracks, OpenStreetMap is probably your best bet. But it sounds like you’re after “lines”… so you’re probably better off generating it yourself from GTFS shapes and extracting stop-to-stop segments.

Transit App did a write up on how they did their transit maps… might be useful :slight_smile: