More Trains More Services - new timetable and network map

As part of the NSW Government’s “More Trains, More Services” program there will be more than 1,500 extra services per week beginning 26 November 2017. Along with this comes a new timetable and network map.

We encourage you to read up on all the changes that are coming so that you can prepare and make the necessary changes to your apps. You can find all the details about the new changes in the following link:

If you have any further questions please post them in this thread.

-The Open Data Team

On Sunday an announcement about our new timetable was made to the public.

Our marketing campaign was also kicked off to help our customers prepare for the new timetable which will introduce more than 8600 extra weekly services across trains, buses and ferries from 26 November.
This includes more than 1500 extra weekly train services, the largest increase in capacity ever introduced to Sydney’s train network, along with almost 7000 extra weekly bus services and more than 140 extra weekly ferry services.

This data is now available on the Open Data hub through the usual means. We’ll also be posting a separate data bundle to make it easier to process.

Transport for NSW has also produced a set of resources including an interactive map, ability to find the timetable and run trip plans using the “My New Trip”. You can find more details here: Trip Planner |

The link includes network maps and timetables.

You can now find the colour chart for the new lines at our resources page:

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If you need a guideline to know minimum connection times for the new timetable have a look at the document we posted in our troubleshooting page: