New Newcastle Transport Network from 14 January 2018


There is a new Newcastle Transport Network starting from 14 January. The data is now available in the GTFS/TXC feeds.

We’ve also updated the network map which can be found at this dataset:

Most routes are completely different, not just in the numbers but in the route paths. The overall network has similarities to the current but it is not a one-to-one relationship at the individual route level. Some sections are identical but very few whole routes are.

A few high level items

  • The Stockton Ferry is unchanged
  • School routes are unchanged, apart from 4 new additional school routes commencing 29 January 2018
  • Route 110 is becoming Regular not Rail Replacement and with a new timetable, but current route path. It will also be a loop service (data to come).
  • Route 118 is now the 55N but no other changes to it.

Transit Agency Changes