New bus contract and GTFS data for Outer Metro region 7 from 6 July 2024

:bus: Outer Metro Bus Contracts Transition :bus:

From 5 July 2024, the operation of Red Bus Services under contract OSMBSC007 in the Central Coast will cease.

From Saturday 6 July 2024, RedBus CDC NSW will commence operation in this area under the following contract:

Contract Code: OMBSC007
Contract Name: RedBus CDC NSW
Contract/Agency ID: 2607

The transition will be a one to one change over, meaning all current bus routes and their schedules, including any OnDemand and depot locations will remain the same (there may be some minor changes).

OMBSC007 GTFS-S API endpoint is now available on ODH:

The same data will be reflected in the combined buses bundle:

The new contract will be available from Monday in the Complete GTFS timetable export.

We have also updated the Overlapping Agencies reference table here

Please be advised that Red Bus Services OSMBSC007 ceased operations yesterday 5 July 2024.

:tada:***RedBus CDC NSW OMBSC007 has successfully commenced operations and real-time is now available :tada:

In the coming days we will be updating reference files and documentation and removing operator feeds for OSMBSC007.