New bus Operator and GTFS data for contract region 14 from 21 May 2023

:bus: Bus Contracts Transition :bus:

From 20 May 2023, Transdev NSW and Forest Coach Lines operations in metro region 12 (SMBSC012) and 14 (SMBSC014), will cease.
From Sunday 21 May 2023, CDC NSW will commence operations in both these areas, which will combine to one region - metro region 14. The details are as follows:

Contract Code: GSBC014
Contract Name: CDC NSW
Contract/Agency ID: 2514

GSBC014 GTFS-S API endpoint is now available:

The same data is now reflected in the combined Buses bundle:

The new operator appeared in last night’s Complete GTFS export. And finally, the GTFS overlapping agencies reference table and supporting documentation has been updated here.

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:bus: Bus Contracts Transition :bus:

Please be advised that Forest Coach Lines and Transdev NSW ceased operations yesterday 20 May.

CDC NSW GSBC014 has successfully commenced operations and real-time is now available :tada: :tada:

In the coming days we will be updating reference files and documentation and removing operator feeds for SMBSC012 & SMBSC014