New bus operator and GTFS data for contract region 3 from 6 August 2023

:bus: Bus Contracts Transition :bus:

From 5 August 2023, Transit Systems and Transdev bus operations in metro region 3 (SMBSC003) and 13 (SMBSC013), will cease.

From Sunday 6 August 2023, Transit Systems NSW will commence operations in both these areas, which will combine to one region - metro region 3. The details are as follows:

Contract Code: GSBC003
Contract Name: Transit Systems NSW
Contract/Agency ID: 2503

GSBC003 GTFS-S API endpoint is now available:

The same data is now reflected in the combined Buses bundle:

The new operator will appear in tonightโ€™s Complete GTFS timetable export.

And finally, the GTFS overlapping agencies reference table and supporting documentation has been updated here .

:bus: Bus Contracts Transition :bus:

Please be advised that Transit Systems and Transdev NSW ceased operations yesterday 5 August.

Transit Systems NSW GSBC003 has successfully commenced operations and real-time is now available :tada: :tada:

In the coming days we will be updating reference files and documentation and removing operator feeds for SMBSC003 & SMBSC013