COVID-19 NSW Transport Impact

I thought it would be fun to build a report visualising how COVID-19 has affected transport utilisation patterns in NSW.

This report combines OPAL tap-on/tap-off data from NSW Trains, Ferries, Buses, Light Rail & Metro. We use these data to compare public transport utilisation year over year (2020 vs 2019). The aim is to understand the impact of COVID-19 on passenger levels across all modes of public transport, using 2019 as our baseline.

The common dimensions available in the report include Service, Fare Type and Transport Mode. A definition of these can be found below:

Service : Refers to the service where the tap-on/tap-off occurred e.g. Manly Ferry

Fare Type : Refers to the type of fare for which the tap-on/tap-off occurred e.g. Adult

Transport Mode : Refers to the mode of transport where the tap-on/tap-off occured e.g. Train

Data Sources

All data is sourced from the NSW Transport Open Data website - links are below:

Ferry :

Bus :

Train (Includes Metro) :

Light Rail:

Key Metrics

Passengers 2019: Sum of Passengers for 2019 (Excluding months that are yet to occur in 2020 e.g. September).

Passengers 2020 Sum of Passengers for 2020

Absolute Change Year over Year: Passengers 2020 - Passengers 2019

Percentage Change Year over Year: (Passengers 2020 - Passengers 2019) / Passengers 2019

Passengers Current Reporting Period: Sum of Passengers for the latest reporting month

Passengers Current Reporting Period Previous Year: Sum of Passengers for the


Very cool utilisation of our data. Thank you for sharing!

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Thanks Sabrina, appreciate it!

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