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Hi @Marcie - one of my users have reported multiple times that the data for Narrabeen station is not accurate, there are 5 spots difference between what the app shows and what’s left in the car park, so for example if the app says it’s full, there are actually 5 spots available, given it’s a small one (46 spots), this represents 10% of the car park capacity, can someone please have a look at that?

Hi @Mohamed , I’ll email the Park&Ride team and get back to you.
ps. whats your app??

Thanks @Marcie :pray:

It’s called PARKnRIDE

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Hi @Marcie - Manly Vale station car park is currently full but it’s returning it has ~140 available spots

Thanks for the heads up - have let the Park&Ride team know. Cheers!

Hi Everyone,
please be advised there are a few issues across the Park&Ride network with a few car parks displaying the incorrect occupancy levels. The Park&Ride Team are working as a priority to fix these issues.
Thanks for your patience!

Hi @Marcie - any update around the inaccurate occupancy levels? do we know the impacted stations?

Good Morning @Mohamed,

The car parks that had issues were:

Manly Vale

Brookvale is still an issue. I’m waiting on an ETA for this one.

Park&Ride team have put a fix in for Brookvale and it appears to be rectified. They are still monitoring.

Good Morning Team,

please be advised some car park equipment at Leppington Park&Ride was damaged over the weekend and realtime occupancy is not available. I will let you know once the issue is resolved.


FYI - It will be at least two weeks until Leppington is online again.