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Hi @Marcie - one of my users have reported multiple times that the data for Narrabeen station is not accurate, there are 5 spots difference between what the app shows and what’s left in the car park, so for example if the app says it’s full, there are actually 5 spots available, given it’s a small one (46 spots), this represents 10% of the car park capacity, can someone please have a look at that?

Hi @Mohamed , I’ll email the Park&Ride team and get back to you.
ps. whats your app??

Thanks @Marcie :pray:

It’s called PARKnRIDE

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Hi @Marcie - Manly Vale station car park is currently full but it’s returning it has ~140 available spots

Thanks for the heads up - have let the Park&Ride team know. Cheers!

Hi Everyone,
please be advised there are a few issues across the Park&Ride network with a few car parks displaying the incorrect occupancy levels. The Park&Ride Team are working as a priority to fix these issues.
Thanks for your patience!

Hi @Marcie - any update around the inaccurate occupancy levels? do we know the impacted stations?

Good Morning @Mohamed,

The car parks that had issues were:

Manly Vale

Brookvale is still an issue. I’m waiting on an ETA for this one.

Park&Ride team have put a fix in for Brookvale and it appears to be rectified. They are still monitoring.

Good Morning Team,

please be advised some car park equipment at Leppington Park&Ride was damaged over the weekend and realtime occupancy is not available. I will let you know once the issue is resolved.


FYI - It will be at least two weeks until Leppington is online again.

Good Morning All,
Happy to report that Leppington realtime occupancy feed is back online! Woot!

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Hey Team, please be advised there is full trackwork on the metro this weekend. There will be no realtime occupancy feed for the metro station carparks as the boom will be gates open.

Hi @Marcie - Please delete if not allowed.

We are working on a POC to get historical occupancy information for stations that are not covered by Transport for NSW car park API and we are considering enabling our data via API for other app developers to utilise in their apps and I thought to share on this thread in case anyone is interested. Feel free to DM here or shoot me an email at:

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Hi Team,

just wanted to give you a heads up that we’ve added address information to all current stations in the carp park api!! We have included:

  • street
  • suburb
  • X coords
  • Y coords

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Hi All,

please be advised that there is currently an outage at Warwick Farm Park&Ride car park. The technician is on site and I will advise once fixed!
Apologies for the inconvenience.

Good News! Warwick Farm is back :grinning: