ROAM - Rail Opal Assignment Model

This dataset provides an indicator of historic rail occupancy for individual rail services from July 2019. Data included in ROAM - Rail Opal Assignment Model - includes Sydney Trains (T1 - T9) and Metro (Metro North West line) services.

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have you guys thought about compressing these? either as a zip file, or on-the-fly in the webserver?

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i get that “Rail” includes non-cityrail/non-railcorp modes like Sydney Metro. but why doesn’t “Rail” include “Light Rail”?

:stuck_out_tongue: is it because “Light Rail” should be called “Tram”?

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Hi Jayen,

Light rail data will be made available in due course.

Thanks @jayen for the suggestion. We have decided to leave it as text files.

you can serve them as text files and have them compressed or pre-compressed on the web server. so, data consumers will see them as text file, but they’ll download 10x faster and cost 10x less to host and transfer.

Thanks to feedback, we are refreshing the ROAM files – we will advise when they have been refreshed (We estimate this will be completed by COB 18 September 2020).

Once refreshed there will be a new row per trip segment indicating occupancy for the whole train set.

We will update here once we are aware that all files are refreshed.

The ROAM files have been updated and now include an “all passenger” occupancy band.

We have been advised that the data from 18 October 2020 onwards at this point is unreliable due to upstream systems. Please use the data with caution.

We will update here when we hear further about the data updates/fixes.

There are ongoing issues so extracts to FOAM, BOAM and ROAM have stopped. A catch up set of data will be produced once upstream issues are resolved.

The data is coming back through now for the FOAM, BOAM and ROAM data.

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