Upcoming changes to Rail Opal Allocation Model data feed in Open Data

What is happening?

With the introduction of the new City and Southwest Metro line in the coming months, we are moving to a new Opal Allocation Model to handle the complexity that these new services will bring. The data you are currently access from the legacy Rail Opal Allocation Model (ROAM) will be replaced with a new Near Real Time (NRT) ROAM from the 14 May 2024.

What does this mean for me?

Minimal changes have been made to the new NRT ROAM data feed, which will enable you to continue to use the data as you have done previously.

Please note , the new data feed will display Regional and Interstate rail services not previously displayed in legacy ROAM. To support any users wishing to map these services, updated information on reporting lines for the NRT ROAM dataset is available now on Open Data, however you will only be able to utilise it when NRT ROAM goes live on the 14 May 2024.

How can I get further support?

Should you require further support, assistance with mapping or have any queries please contact us at OpenDataProgram@transport.nsw.gov.au.

Reminder - this change is going ahead tonight at 6pm!!