Car park API

Morning All,

please be advised Warwick Farm occupancy feed is down. The support team are currently working to reinstate. I’ll let you know once that’s done.

Thank you

Hey All, Narrabeen occupancy feed has been out since approx 9:20pm last night. The team are investigating.

Apologies, Warwick Farm feed is back. It was reinstated Monday 30th Jan. There were issues on the providers end.


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Narrabeen carpark occupancy feed is back :partying_face:

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Good Morning All,

please be advised, that there will be extra parking levels opened for the Revesby Park&Ride car park today!!

This will increase total capacity in the Revesby occupancy feed from 255 to 936 spaces!! Huge win for customers in that area!!

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Question regarding West Ryde Station, it seems there are 3-4 car parks in that area, is the number we are getting the collective capacity of them or just one? The API doesn’t return any zones so I am guessing it might be just one

Hi @Mohamed , just the one car park as per:

Thanks for the clarification Marcie - just a small piece of feedback I received from users, this kind of set up really provides very little value to them, they usually want to know the occupancy of all car parks so they are able to plan their trip,with having only one they still need to drive to the station to see if the other ones have empty spots or not. This is the same case for Hornsby station (has 3 car parks).

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Thanks for the feedback! I’ll pass on to the Park&Ride team :slight_smile:

:rotating_light: :rotating_light: Hi All, :rotating_light::rotating_light:

Please be advised, TfNSW are upgrading the Metro NW car parks to Park&Ride car parks!!!
Metro NW car parks include:

Bella Vista
Hills Showground

Whilst works are being undertaken the real-time cark park occupancy data will not be available at these car parks, beginning Friday 30 June 2023. We are expecting works to be completed in a few months and will provide further updates as works near completion.

More information can be found here.

Hi @Marcie - Just to confirm the occupancy of these car parks won’t be available for few months?

Good Morning @Mohamed, yes that is correct. I’ll post here when I get any updates :slight_smile:

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Hi, Is Car Park API not generating data after 17th July 2023?

Morning @amitkulkarni ,

just the following metro car parks:
Bella Vista
Hills Showground

Works have begun to uplift these car parks as Park&Ride car parks. I will update here once their occupancy feed is ready to go.

More information can be found here

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The Metro Northwest commuter car parks are being upgraded to Park&Ride car parks!

Three Tallawong Park&Ride occupancy feeds are now live:

Tallawong P1
Tallawong P2
Tallawong P3

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Hi @Marcie ,

Thanks for the update, I have tested Tallawong station and I am still getting responses dated 7th of July 2023, I have also tried testing from the data hub console but it doesn’t appear to work after the recent hub upgrade.

Thanks :pray:

Ignore this, I have checked the updated documentation and knew that they got new facility ids, it’s working fine now, all good :pray:

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That’s great news @Mohamed! And here’s some more great news:

3 More metro car parks have just gone live:
Facility ID 29 - Kellyville North
Facility ID 30 - Kellyville South
Facility ID 31 - Bella Vista

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Hi all, I am a student in Data Analytics and want to leverage this Car Park data for a data project. I am still learning how to create an API call. Is there a step by step document that could teach me to how to extract data samples using Python? I read through the existing API documents, but they don’t seem to have enough information for me to figure it out from scratch.
Thank you very much for your help.

Hi @tingmsit,

Have you checked out the following pages:

Otherwise someone on this forum maybe able to help…

Hey All,

2 more metro car parks have just gone live:

Facility ID 32 - Hills Showground
Facility ID 33 - Cherrybrook

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