Bus Boarding Assistant Innovation Challenge

Our newest innovation challenge is the Bus Boarding Assistant Innovation Challenge!

Transport for NSW (TfNSW) is challenging innovators to come up with digital solutions to help people who need boarding assistance to easily hail a bus from a mobile device. Our high priority customers are those with vision impairment, wheelchair users, the elderly, and those with reduced mobility.

Seed funding of up to $50,000 is available for successful applicants, if required.

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I’m not sure I can make the info session, so hopefully I can ask questions here.

  • Is there [any part of] a mechanism in place to notify bus drivers from a mobile device? Like a radio on board the buses which can receive audio directed at only that bus?
  • How many buses are there in NSW?
  • Is adding an electronic device to buses feasible? e.g., can it be connected to a source of electricity?

Hey Jayen,
We will ensure these questions are answered and uploaded to the FAQ page after the information session.
Thanks :slight_smile:

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Hi @sabrina.morgan
I am wondering if you have any updates on Stop Announcer, the app designed to help customers with vision impairment navigate their way on public transport. It appears that it is still on Transport NSW app store Transport apps | transportnsw.info but it is not publicly available. Is there any reason why this may be discontinued? Is there any data available about the usage of this app? Thanks.