Wheelchair_boarding for bus stops

This is a followon to Wheelchair boarding in GTFS stops data - #4 by david.phillips - Data updates - Open Data - Transport for NSW forum .

Has a systematic review of all bus stops for accessibility taken place?

Could this data be sourced from another department, such as the Department of Planning and Environment? It doesn’t have to be integrated into the GTFS bundles, though that would be ideal.


A systematic review of bus stops has definitely not taken place. It’s hard enough just reviewing just the names of the stops!

For example is a bus stop accessible if it’s all nicely concreted and has tactiles etc, but isn’t connected to any walking paths? We had a hard time even getting this info from NSW Trains, as they did a mass survey for accessible stations and then the guidelines changed for ramp gradients, rendering it obsolete.

I think the info will have to come from local councils with TfNSW being the coordinating body

I know government agencies love their silos, but hypothetically if Department of Planning and Environment were already coordinating with councils regarding accessible footpaths, then would TfNSW’s Open Data team coordinate with DPE to work out the bus stops’ accessibility? Or would TfNSW still go direct to the councils?

Someone from Wayfinding mentioned on Friday that BFL have this data. Can you see if that data can be added to the GTFS?