Data on transport users with accessibility needs

Following the information session on the Accessibility Challenge, I’ve been sifting through the datasources looking for data on use of public transport services by people with disabilities. So far I’ve come up empty handed.

A request for such data was made at the information session, so I’m posting this here to act as the focal point for any leads that might help us potential applicants. Have you seen any relevant data? Is there any on the horizon?


hi Heath

You should be able to find the facilities information here:

We’ll investigate further about other semi public datasets and get them on the Open Data hub if appropriate.


does transport have terrain data such as roads inclination, potholes, etc. that they would share with successful challenge applicants, even if it’s not in an open-data capacity?

also, can we get some information about the number of WAV-taxis, distribution (metro vs outer metro), how many passengers, hours of operations, do they provide a real time feed of their locations, etc.?

Thanks Yvonne. For everyone’s benefit, this dataset lists train stations, ferry wharves and bus interchanges, and whether they have the following ammenities relevant to accessibility:

  • This location is wheelchair accessible
  • Escalator
  • Hearing loop
  • Level crossing
  • Lift
  • Wheelchair ramp boarding assistance
  • Ramp gradient
  • Stairs
  • Tactile surfaces
  • This location is not wheelchair accessible
  • PA system for announcements

I’m keen to hear if you find anything on usage rates by persons with disabilities.

Hi Heath,

We’ve found data from the Household Travel Survey that addresses your request for usage rates. It covers the period 2011 - 2015. The survey question is followed by the response totals and percentages.

Thank you Stephanie. I’ve just spent 30 minutes look for this data but I must be looking in the wrong place. I can see that Q76 in the 2014/2015 survey form 2 asks that question here:

but I can’t find the data anywhere. I guess the best I can do is use the numbers in the screenshot you posted, but it’s not possible to make any inferences. Certainly there’s nothing there about usage rates.

Hi Heath,

Yes, the screen shots include all the numbers we have on accessibility usage rates. If you’re looking for “exact” figures, then (with the percentages above) you could make inferences using Journey to Work 2011 data or Opal Trips data. These data sets provide usage (patronage) rates. The Journey to Work 2011 dataset is closest in time to the survey questions.

Although this topic could be considered as closed due to the last post, I was wondering if it is planned to get detailed information on facilities and accessibilities within stations. The current dataset list per each station the kinf of available facilities, which is a great first level of input. Nevertheless, it is not possible to know where are the different equipment (stiars, lift and so on) as well as if those equipments are available.

Are such datas planned to be provided ?



Hi @Gcu, the Location Facilities dataset should give you what’s available at each station.

As for the location of each of those, did you want the exact location (coordinates)? Or a description of the location? Eg. “lifts are located on the northern end of the station”.

We also have a Station Maps dataset and a Station Entrances dataset that might help you with what you’re working on.


Hi Alejandro,

Thanks a lot for your quick reply. As a matter of fact, I had already checked the location facilities dataset which provides a first great level of inputs. Regarding location of those facilities, I am searching for the possibility to get the exact location of them and the number of them for instance.

Station entrances dataset is also very interesting but I am less interesting by station maps as there are not so easy manageable.

In fact I am making a benchmark/survey on different datasets regarding detailed description of stop point / stop Places and the different data exchange formats / API that are used to provide them.

Could we exchange on this ?

Thanks and best regards,


Thanks again

Are there any proposals to include the questions from 2014-15 survey in future surveys? I am interested because of the impact that increased occupancy has on the ability of people with disabilities to use public transport. For example, its all very well to have lifts and ramps at a station for someone with a wheelchair, but if there’s physically no space on the train due to overcrowding or no seats for someone who needs one, then that would be useful to know.

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Good morning,

I have checked with TPA who manage the HTS, and they have advised that this data continues to be collected and is available in the HTS, but not included in the publicly reported data.

If you’d like to access the data, you’ll need to request it via the TPA inbox (, and they will assess your requirement and respond.


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Thanks for investigating for me. I’ll get in touch with them and find out what they can share.

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