Why there are some future data in GTFS Timetables Complete


Hi, I am wondering that why there are data in GTFS Timetables Complete for the year 2018? Is there predicted data?
How about the data for the year 2017 before November, is them also predicted data or real data??

Many many thanks


Hi @Dong – this is timetable (scheduled) data.

So that’s what the operators are planning to work to at this stage for the timetable.

Let us know if I have misunderstood your question…


hi Yvonne,
Thank you very much for the replying.
May I please also ask that is it true that when there are real-time data uploaded, the scheduled data will be replaced? or the file Timetables Complete GTFS only aims to shows the scheduled data?


Hi @Dong, the Complete GTFS dataset, or GTFS bundle as we call it, contains the static timetable scheduled data. You have to use the real-time datasets (eg. Public Transport - Timetables - For Realtime, Vehicle Positions, etc.) and match it with the GTFS bundle to get a full view of everything. Strongly recommend that you have a look at the following to see how it all fits together:

Let me know if you have any further questions.



Hi Alex,
Thank you very much, really helpful!

Many many thanks