Where do I apply for an API key?

Maybe I am missing something…

  • There was no link in “My Account” to get an API key
  • No link in “Getting started” to get an API key

It looks pretty fundamental to using the API but I cannot find a link to apply for a key…

Hopefully this helps you @DataExplorer

I have the same issue. There’s nowhere to get an API key and that linked post doesn’t tell me how to get one :frowning:

Hi @Ginsu,

thanks for drawing our attention to that…I will update our user guide. Hopefully this will help you for now:

Hi Marcie, thanks for the reply. However those API tokens don’t work when making API calls. I noticed on my profile page, in the bottom left corner it says “API Key Private”, and then “none” in red text. Do you know how I can obtain an API key that I can use to make API requests?

Thank you